High School Language Credits for CCS Students

Wake County High School Language Credits Application Procedure:

The Wake County Public School System granted high school second language credits to the students who study Chinese at the Cary Chinese School.

Students need to meet following criteria for credits:

1. Enrolls in Wake County Public High School

2. Completed Ma Liping 6th grade or ZhongWen 8th grade for one credit of Second Language Chinese I ( 10462A )

3. Completed Ma Liping 7th grade or ZhongWen 9th grade for one credit of Second Language Chinese II ( 10472A )

4. Studied at CCS at least 4 years

Information needed for applying credits:

1. Student full names

2. Student home address

3. Student wake county school ID

4. The years studied Ma Liping 6th and 7th grades or Zhongwen 8th and 9th grades

5. Student director name in the high school with title (Mr., Mrs. or Ms.)

6. High School name and mailing address

Please email the information to Dr. Wenjun Bao (wenjunbao@yahoo.com) to process.

CCS will mail the official documents directly to the student high school student director. It may take 4-6 weeks before the student can see the credit on his or her transcript.