How does one become a volunteer at CCS?
As you all know, Cary Chinese School is mainly run by parent volunteers. Same with any other schools, parents involvement in school activities is the key for the success for school and student.

Thanks the following volunteer coordinators:

If you are interested in volunteer for one of the opportunities listed below, please contact a PTA staff or CCS volunteer coordinator at your company.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers help to make our school a success. With parent involvement, amazing things can be accomplished. Here are some of the areas we are looking for help at CCS.
1. System Administrator
  We're looking for a system adminstrator to maintain the school website. You must know PHP and MySQL. Moodle perferable. Please contact Wenjie Bao for more information.
2. Newsletter Editor(s)

One or two newsletter editors are needed to create the school newsletters. Please contact Shengrong Ye for more information.

3. On-site Parents
  Four on-site parents are needed on each school day, two in the morning session, two in the afternoon session. Please see On-site Parent Signup Sheet page for more informaion.
4. Photographers
  Volunteers are needed to take photos throughout the year in various events. Please contact Shengrong Ye for more information.
5. Judges for Contests
  Each school year there are 3 types of contests: Chinese Character, Writing and Drawing. We need 3 group of judges for these contests. Please contact a PTA staff for more details.
6. Corporate Support
  If you or a company you know is willing to donate to the PTA either with a cash donation or product donation for one of our PTA events, please contact a PTA staff. All donations are appreciated and are tax deductible.
PTA Contact pta@carycs.org